We believe in surfing benefits and its positive influence on life and wellbeing, in the power of the collective and sharing experiences with like-minded people from all over the world, in the therapeutic effect of the ocean and in the peaceful energy of yoga. 
We also believe in meditation as an intimate way to connect with yourself, and yourself with the world. 
Finally, we believe in the healing energy of dedicating to a daily practice, whichever it is.



Surf in the paradisiac tropical island of Barbados, deepen your yoga and meditation practice, join the nomadinpink squad. 

Our goal is to empower and positively impact the lives of others by offering tailor made getaways which will make your vacation unforgettable: stunning beachfront villas, Caribbean flavored nights, customized activities including Surf&Yoga retreats, Surf Safaris, kite surfing, island nature-immersed adventures and much more. 

Nomadinpink unique experiences are for everyone, whether you are a solo traveler, first time surfer, kiter or yogi beginner.

Be the first to know wild, unspoiled and off-beaten tracks of Barbados.”. Nomadipink is the perfect insider guide for unforgettable experiences and custom made activities on the island, ranging from water sports, fishing, snorkeling with turtles, trekking in the jungle, rum tasting and delicious lobster dinners under the stars.

You are just one click away, go for it!