Italian born, New York City bred, seaduced by Barbados

Nomadinpink is an international company founded in Barbados by Aurora Deidda and Silvia Berzoni, two women born in Milan and raised in New York City, who share a passion for traveling, surfing and yoga.
Both restless and wild spirits, curious about the world, they fell in love with the magical spirit of Barbados and decided to move to the Island to share its unique lifestyle, offering the experience of laid-back and adventurous living by the water.

Between a photoshoot and an interview, Aurora Deidda and Silvia Berzoni - two wanderlust, strong-minded women shaped by the vibrant energy and elegance of Milan who earned important positions in the world of fashion and financial journalism - discovered a rare friendship in New York City and a common passion for surfing. 

In the cold, dirty, brown water of Rockaway Beach they realized that the energy and confidence gained by conquering one of the most competitive and exciting city in the world was paving the way for their next chapter: transforming a sport, that builds identity and gives a sense of belonging, in a concrete entrepreneurial venture.

In Barbados, the surf capital of the Caribbean, they created a new vision for their lives, starting fresh with a business that has one simple goal: open a door to dreams that elude the metropolitan schedule. 

Nomadinpink is a state of mind, more than a venture. It’s the first international surfing travel hub which combines the desire of sharing the magic of a Caribbean paradise, its unique lifestyle and lively vibes, with life-changing experiences of empowerment made for wanderlust and adventurous travelers.

Come find us, barefoot, at @nomadinpink.barbados